• Sixteen separate warehouses, both open and with push-back rack systems
  • Capacity of 145 million pounds
  • Area of 550,000 square feet
  • Volume of 13.6 million cubic feet
  • Ultra cold storage also available -20°F
  • Customs-bonded warehouse at Orchard facility


  • Three dedicated chill warehouses, with additional capacity


  • Three dedicated dry storage warehouses


  • Fifty truck bays
  • Nine railcar bays
  • 1000-foot deepwater dock
  • 200-foot fishing vessel dock with fish pump and brailer


BCS offers rapid, efficient freezing in modern blast and belt IQF facilities at very competitive rates. BCS has experience freezing seafood, fruits, vegetables, meats and processed foods.

  • IQF belt freezer capacity of 200,000 lbs. daily (salmon, hake)
  • Blast freezing capacity of 400,000 lbs. daily
  • USDA-certified meat freezing facility
  • 24-hour operations
  • Cost effective delivery of refrigerant to on-site processing customers
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Customized Space

BCS is a preferred site for frozen food companies in the Pacific Northwest. We lease processing space to eleven food companies on our 50+ acre campus. With more than 20 acres of undeveloped property adjacent to our facilities, we have ample capacity for tenant expansion or new build-to-suit space.

  • 67 years experience in project management, design and permitting of new processing facilities
  • Flexible financing options, lease or sale
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance
  • State-of-the-art processing space
  • Ample raw acreage for future development
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Marine Services

Marine Services

BCS is the premier West Coast facility for reefer breakbulk cargoes. Our private dock facility allows enormous flexibility:

  • Warehouses located directly on the pier
  • Responsive and efficient stevedoring services
  • Around-the-clock vessel loading
  • 1,000 ft. deepwater dock with a 30 ft. MLW draft
  • 200-foot fishing vessel dock with fish pump and brailer
  • Closest continental U.S. port to the Far East

Special Services

BCS provides a number of auxiliary services essential to customer success:

  • 200 foot fishing vessel dock with fish pump and brailer
  • Fish freezing, glazing and trimming
  • Grading and boxing services
  • Export labeling and regulatory stamping/relabeling
  • In-house quality control
  • Customs-bonded warehouse at Orchard facility
  • Short-hold
  • Flake ice production (300 tons / day)
  • Real-time, online access to inventory information
  • On-site custom processors and fish buyers
  • On-site seafood inspection services
  • IFQ halibut landing station
  • USDA-certified inspection site
  • HACCP-certified
  • EU export-certified